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Julie A. Smith (JAS) has painted for most of her life. She grew up in a family artistically inclined in art, design and music. She has dabbled in costume, sculpture, garden and home designs.

Her preference for funneling her creative drive is through expressionism with oil paint on canvas. Most of her artistic focus is on the natural world. She is self-taught through painting famous works of art. Over 30 van Gogh reproductions were painted by her over a 20-year period as well as works after Burne-Jones, Klimt, de Lempicka, Goya, Monet, Munch, Rubens, Whistler, Velázquez, and others.

Although she had sold her art on eBAY, she now focuses on a few pieces a year. For the last decade, Julie has painted and donated her art - most given to nonprofits for their fundraisers. A few of her selected pieces are showcased below. If you are seeking a silent or online auction piece from JAS for your nonprofit organization's fundraiser, please contact jas@jasartgallery.com. Please note that availability is limited. Proof of auction and organizational information will be required. Nonprofits with a 501(c)(3) status are preferred. It will be on a first come basis and priority given to those organizations not yet having received a painting.

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Angel Orchids painting
Angel Orchids

Child holding a Patringa bird painting

Woman Gathering Saffron flowers painting
Gathering Saffron

Bird Respite painting
Bird Respite

BirdWetland painting
Wetland Bird

Butterfly Effect 1  painting
Butterfly Effect 1

Butterfly Effect 2 painting
Butterfly Effect 2

Butterfly Effect 3  painting
Butterfly Effect 3

French woman in a chemise painting
La Chemise

Dog and Butterfly painting
Dog and Butterfly

Lilies  painting

Dog Mouse Cat painting
Dog Mouse Cat

Duluth Ship on Lake Superior painting
Duluth Ship on Lake Superior

Duluth Lake Superior Lighthouse painting
Duluth Lake Superior Lighthouse

Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge painting
Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge

Koi Fish 1 painting
Koi Fish I

Koi Fish 2 painting
Koi Fish II

Koi Fish 3 painting
Koi Fish III

End of an Era painting
End of an Era

Monarch and Hibiscus painting
Monarch and Hibiscus

Ophelia's Weeping Brook painting
Ophelia's Weeping Brook

Mushroom Toad painting
Mushroom Toad

New Dawn - ship in Duluth Twin Ports Lake Superior painting
New Dawn

Red Dahlia painting
Red Dahlia

Lovers in Sherwood Forest painting
Lovers in Sherwood Forest

The Fallen Bouquet painting
The Fallen Bouquet

Maid of the Sea
Maid of the Sea

Emptying the Horn of Plenty
Emptying the Horn of Plenty

Celtic Moon
Celtic Moon

Cat Dog Mouse
Cat Dog Mouse


Naked in the Garden of Eden
Naked in the Garden of Eden


The Kings Men
The Kings Men

Car Ride</i> self portrait
Car Ride self portrait

Angels We Have Heard On High painting
Angels We Have Heard On High

Waterlilies painting

Varigated Pansies painting
Varigated Pansies

9/11 commemorative painting
9/11 Commemorative


KingFisher after van Gogh painting
King Fisher after van Gogh

La Siesta after van Gogh painting
La Siesta after van Gogh

The Dog after Goya painting
The Dog after Goya

Le Chapeaude Paille after Rubens painting
Le Chapeaude Paille after Rubens

The Scream after Edvard Munch painting
The Scream after Edvard Munch

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